Where is my order?

Your order is our priority but sometimes your order may be received later then the expected date. Depending on the day your order is placed, it may vary the receival date. We send all our orders on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays by 5pm. If your order was placed after this time then your order will be sent on the next concurrent day.
Also sometimes you may experience delay's due to issues with your chosen postal service.

Can I get a Discount?

No, we do not give personal discounts unless we have a public offer.

Will my order get to me without any issues?

We use Canada Post for all of our Canadian orders. We use USPS (United States Postal Service), for nearly all of our orders inside the United States and abroad.  There are sometimes situations when we are forced to use a secondary service called Asendia for some international orders. All of our shipments leave the Canada and will likely spend time in the customs for the country where the shipment arrives. We cannot provide any customs clearance estimates, but in most cases, shipments may spend anywhere from one to three days in customs.

What currency do you accept?

Right now all of our orders are in Canadian currency. Please do the recommended conversions when placing your order.

What happens if my cards are received in a poorer condition then what was listed?

First we need to determine whether or not your cards were damaged by the postal service or if they were damaged by one of our employee's, or were in the condition prior to sending. If you have any issues with the condition of your cards please send us an email to If it was the postal services fault you may need to contact them, if it was our responsibility for the damage of the order then we will issue you a refund. Please contact us first in regards to your issue.

Do i need to pay for tracking on my order?

Free shipping is given on any of our orders under $70. This is only if you live in the United States or Canada. If you live internationally then you will be given the choice to pick a suitable shipping method for your order.

When your order is over $70 dollars living in the United States or Canada you will have the option of free tracking with your order. We will also have other shipping options available for any of your orders that you are able to purchase. Please note that it is the customer's responsibility to choose the correct shipping option.

For international orders you will be given 3 options for your order based on the weight of your package. Our regular tracked shipping will cost $19.99 and be given based with a weight range from 0.018kg - 0.108kg. Our oversize tracked shipping will cost 29.99 and be given with a weight range from 0.109kg - 0.908kg. Our tracked heavyweight shipping will cost $79.99 and be given with a weight range from 0.91kg - 2kg.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order as long as it hasn't already been shipped. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are willing to cancel and we can issue you a refund.

Can I add a card to my order?

If you make more than one order from us before we ship out your order we may combine all your products into one order to simplify your shipping experience. If this happens and you paid for shipping for both orders, we can refund the cheapest shipping costs and combine it into your larger order (as long as it is with in reason to our shipping policies).

What days do you have your events?

Most of our weekly tournaments take place on the weekends. Please view our events schedule on our events page. Press the button below for more info on upcoming events.

We are always trying to improve and better our service to our customers! Email us at if any questions are not listed above or if you have any other concerns. Thank you for shopping with us!