Pro Team Roster

Our teams are hand picked with some of the most elite players in the trading card game that they play. They have a wide range in skills, pride them selves in excellence, and are committed to growing as players and sharing their knowledge in the TCG community. Check out our talented roster and learn more about the players!


Christian Jahrbacher

Hometown: Vienna, Austria

When did you start playing card games and why? I started playing TCG's when I was around 8-9 with friends, but only actually got into competing when I was 18 (due to me being finally able to do so logistics wise). I believe in a statistical approach for the game and have built tools that assist in statistical analysis in coorparation with others from the community. You might know me from a Series I did on the SBTCG Youtube Channel in 2017, and I will try to pick up creation of content again (this time in the form of articles though).

Weiss Schwarz Achievements? 2nd Place Austria Qualifier WGP 2014,2nd Place Austria Qualifier WGP 2015,Top 8 Italy Qualifier WGP 2015,Top 8 WGP EU Continentals 2015,Top 8 Austria Qualifier WGP 2016,Top 8 Italy Qualifier WGP 2016, 1st Place Munich Springfest 2017,Top 8 WGP EU Continentals 2017,2nd Place English World Championship for WS 2017,4th Place Springfest Rome 2018,1st Place Springfest Berlin 2018,3rd Place BCS Rome 2018,Top 8 WGP EU Continentals 2018,Top 8 English World Championship for WS 2018

Other Interests? As for other TCGs, I'm also playing Magic and have recently picked up Pokemon. Other Hobbies include Boardgames and making Music. Looking forward to properly representing the brand now :)

Mike Broderick

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois.

When did you start playing card games and why?  I’ve been playing all sorts of cards games on and off since I was young. I started playing Weiss Schwarz late 2013. It was the new hot thing at my local card shop and decided to give it a try with my buddies.

Weiss Schwarz achievements? 3rd place Ohio 2014 Neo-shodown, 1st place Tennessee 2014 WCQ, 3rd place Illinois 2015 WCQ, 3rd place Ohio 2016 Spring Fest, 4th place Illinois 2016 WCQ, 3rd place Texas 2016 WCQ, 1st place Indianapolis 2017 Spring Circuit, Top 8 Dallas 2017 Spring Circuit, 1st place Chicago 2018 Team League, 1st place Atlanta 2018 Team League, 1st place Toronto Team League, 2nd place Texas 2018 Team League, 2nd place Ohio 2018 Team League

Other Interests? I love traveling and getting a new change of scenery. It’s great going to a regional and meeting new people and seeing familiar faces. 

Coen CHeng

Hometown: Eindhoven, Netherlands

When did you start playing card games and why? I picked up card games at a very young age, mainly because I liked the competition and the interaction between fellow peers, who share the same hobby.As for Weiss Schwarz, I started playing it competitively early 2015 and you might know me mainly playing the set “Sword Art Online”.

Weiss Schwarz Achievements? Cologne BWC 2016 3rd (SAO), Cologne BCS 2017 1st SAO), Eindhoven BCS 2018 1st (SAO), World Championship 2019 Top8 (SAO)

Other Interests? I’m majoring in Business Administrations, play various MMO’s in my free time, love travelling and last but not least: “I love anime”.


Hometown: Toronto, ONT, Canada

When did you start playing card games and why? Started playing card games as a kid with Magic the Gathering and Duel Masters because I thought the art looked cool and my friend’s older brother kept going on about how cool the games were. Tried magic out with some friends and we ended up really enjoying it. We weren’t able to keep up with standard so we switched into EDH playing for a few years. Got tired of the format and stopped playing TCGs all together for a couple of years until I saw a group of people at school playing Weiss Schwarz. Took immediate interest in the anime series offered in the game, specifically Bakemonogatari and Madoka Magica and have been hooked ever since.

Weiss Schwarz achievements? 1st Rochester Regional WGP 2016,2nd Rochester Regional WGP 2017,2nd Toronto Regional WGP 2018 ,Top 16 WGP Nationals 2018,3rd Toronto BSF Teams 2018

Other Interests? Enjoy watching an abundant amount of seasonal anime, reading trashy light novels and being a dude bro gym rat.

Philip Lai

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

When did you start playing card games and why? I started playing card games competitively starting in 2010. Starting with Yugioh, I went to play a whole bunch of other card game including MTG, Pokemon and Force of Will (you may know me from PhilTCG). I picked up vanguard back when it first started and I’ve been playing it ever since. As of now, I’m only playing vanguard and Weiss, but mainly vanguard over Weiss.

Vanguard achievements? 2014 WS World Championship Regionals (Toronto) – 1st place,2014 WS World Championship North American Nationals – 2nd place,2014 WS World Championship Finals – 1st place,2015 CFV BSF Team League Regionals (Toronto) – 3rd place,2016 CFV BSF Team League Regionals (Toronto) – 1st place,2016 CFV BSF Team League Nationals – 4th place,2016 CFV World Championship Regionals (Toronto) – Top 8,2017 WS BCS Spring Circuit (Toronto) – Top 8,2017 CFV BCS Spring Circuit (Richmond) - Top 8,2017 L&L BCS Fall Circuit (Toronto) – 2nd place,2017 WS BCS Fall Circuit (Richmond) – Top 8,2018 CFV BSF Team League Regionals (Toronto) – 1st place,2019 CFV BSF Team League Regionals (Toronto - Premium) – 1st place,

Other Interests? Outside of Vanguard and Weiss, you can find me as a software developer who tends to play a lot of games during his spare time.

Duncan Yeung

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

When did you start playing card games and why?  I started playing card games because all of my friends were playing card games at school. I had a lot of adventures playing Pokemon and Yugioh but I stopped wanting to play because of Pokemon randomness and the toxic Yugioh format of E Drags. I stumbled upon vanguard from a friend and I ended up really enjoying the game.

Vanguard achievements? Toronto Springfest Premium 2019 1st,Bushiroad Championship Series 2018 World Championship Standard Top 8,Bushiroad Championship Series 2018 Standard Toronto Regionals 1st,Toronto Springfest Team League 2018 1st,Bushiroad Championship Series 2017 Vancouver Autumn Regionals Top 4,Bushiroad Championship Series 2017 Toronto Spring Regionals Top 8,Bushiroad Championship Series 2016 Chicago Regionals 1st, Springfest Team League 2016 National Top 4,Toronto Springfest Team League 2016 1st,Toronto Springfest Team League 2015 3rd

Other Interests? Some of my other interests include traveling the world and playing different games whether they be video games, sports, and board games.

Wai Ho Chu

Hometown: Seattle, WA, United States

When did you start playing card games and why? I started playing CFV back in the original season 1 and referred by Jared to watch the anime and pick up the card game. I liked the game and been playing it ever since.

Vanguard achievements? 3rd/4th Place Seattle 2012 Regional,3rd Vancouver 2015 Regional,2nd Place Team Event Vancouver 2016 Regional,3rd Place Team National 2016,4th Richmond 2016 Regional,2nd Richmond 2017 Regional Spring Season,2nd Richmond 2017 Regional Fall SeasonTop8 Richmond Standard 2018Top8 Richmond Premium 20184th California CharaExpo Standard 2018Top8 California CharaExpo Premium 2018

Other Interests? I enjoy deep fried salty peppery chicken

Jared Cabanilla

Hometown: Seattle, WA

When did you start playing card games and why? I first got interested into competitive card games around 2003 with Yu-Gi-Oh! Watching the anime really got me hyped as a kid, and I wanted to do things just like the show. I finally was able to obtain a starter deck with my brother and was finally able to have my first duel. Other kids at my school also played and that’s where I learned about local tournaments. I feel playing in my first tournament is what made me the player I am today. I enjoyed the competitive nature of the game which made me want to become better.

Vanguard achievements? BCS 2017 Spring Circuit 3rd place (Richmond), BCS 2017 Autumn Circuit Champion (Richmond), BCS 2018 3rd place for standard (Richmond), and I’ve been to worlds both for BCS 2017 & BCS 2018.

Other Interests? I enjoy hanging out with friends, going to BBQs, watching anime, and playing video games.

Steven Le

Hometown: Toronto, Ont, Canada

When did you start playing card games and why? I have started playing card games when I was 13 years old. I started playing card games because I really enjoyed watching the animated series growing up such as YuGiOh and Pokemon.

Vanguard achievements? 2015 Alter Reality Games Toronto - 2nd,2015 Bushiroad World Championship Toronto - Champion,2016 Alter Reality Games Toronto - Top 8,2016 Bushiroad World Championship Toronto - 2nd,2016 Bushiroad Spring Fest Team League Nationals - 4th,2016 Bushiroad Championship Series Spring Toronto - Champion,2017 Bushiroad Championship Series Spring Toronto - 2nd,2017 Bushiroad Championship Series Autumn Toronto - Top 8,2018 Bushiroad Spring Fest Team League Toronto - Champion,2018 Bushiroad Championship Series Standard Toronto - Top 8,2018 Bushiroad Championship Series Premium Toronto - Champion,2018 Bushiroad Championship Series Premium World Finals - Top 8,2019 Bushiroad Spring Fest Team League Toronto - Champion

Other Interests? Some other interests I have are gaming, and drawing.

Nicky Goldman

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

When did you start playing card games and why? I started playing in 2014, when Link Joker just got their first release, and I kept playing because it was fun to play. I also play other card games like Yu-gi-oh and Dragonball Super.

Vanguard achievements? 3rd Place at 2017 BCS Spring Circuit Vanguard and Buddyfight Grand Festival,2nd Place at 2017 BCS Autumn Circuit,Top 8 at 2018 BCS Spring Fest Team League,3rd Place at 2018 BCS 2018 Chara Expo

Other Interests? No other interests.... Card games for life!

Simon Thai

Hometown: Seattle, WA

When did you start playing card games and why? I started playing card games when I was about 13 (yugioh at the time). It was mainly something fun to do with my cousin, brothers and friends at my age. As time passed I made more good friends through the game and began learning how to play more competitively. Around 2011-2012, one of our friends introduced us to the game of Cardfight Vanguard and so we began playing that. Since the release of the game, I've had some success in some big events around the NW area. To be honest, I owe all my success to people like Wai Ho Chu, Kyle Palsson, Tyler Yu and many more. Without them letting me borrow decks and teaching me how decks work I wouldn’t do well as I would. I wish to surround myself more with good players to keep learning to get better and attend Worlds again

Vanguard achievements? 5x Top 8's (2012, 2017(2), 2018(2)), 1x Original Shop Challenge in 2012, 2x Champion wins (2013, 2014), 1x Second place (2018), 1x teams championship (2019), 2x Top 8 teams (2018, 2019), 1x Worlds attendance, 15+ shop challenge tops but no wins (died in finals or top cut, never lucky, I blame Wai Ho Chu)

Other Interests? I'm just an average asian guy who enjoys; corgis, design, architecture, football and movies.