AOT/S35-E092 "Threat to Humanity" Colossal Titan

AOT/S35-E092 "Threat to Humanity" Colossal Titan

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【CONT】 If you do not have any other ""Enormous Stature" Colossal Titan", this card cannot attack.

【CONT】 If this card is in the left position of your center stage, all of your other ""Enormous Stature" Colossal Titan" and ""Broken Wall" Colossal Titan" get +1000 power.

【AUTO】 [Put a card from your hand into your waiting room] When this card attacks, if a card named "And, in 850……" is in your climax area, you may pay the cost. If you do, all of your 《Titan》 characters get +3500 power until end of turn. 【AUTO】 When another of your ""Enormous Stature" Colossal Titan" is put into the waiting room from your stage, put this card into your waiting room.

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